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About Our Fishery
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This Is Almost Heaven!

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Early Spring fishing is a perfect time to break out a spinning rod with a small indicator in use. Having the chance to watch your indicator sink is absolutely thrilling and it only baits you in for more!

Once we get into late spring, we’ll have the opportunity to break out the fly rods and sling some small nymphs. Approximately 80% of a trouts diet is underwater organisms!

The State of West Virginia stocks approximately 750,000 pounds of trout annually. When you factor in the countless native brook trout streams throughout the state, you’ve got a seemingly endless fishery when limits are followed.

Places We Can Fish!

There is so much water that is available for wade fishing. I’ll take you on some absolutely memorable trips on some of the best waterways in and around Elkins, WV.

Some of the waterways that we can explore are: Shavers Fork, Elk River, South Branch, and North Fork of the South Branch. There’s also a pretty limitless surrounding area.

What Fish Are We Chasing?

The fish we’ll be fishing for include Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Golden Trout.


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